Monthly Archives: May 2013

Making your spare bedroom multifunctional

Spare bedrooms can have a bad habit of becoming dumping grounds for anything that doesn’t have a proper ‘home’ elsewhere. This is a great pity because with a bit of thought and clever planning, spare bedrooms can really shine. For … Continue reading

Can you do without a bath?

Hands up if you have a bathroom with a bathtub that’s rarely, if ever, used? If so, you’re not alone. As people become increasingly time-poor, unfortunately the days of enjoying a long soak in the bathtub seem something of a … Continue reading

Concealed cisterns give bathrooms a clean-lined look

Many modern bathrooms I design these days are pared-back in style, with a minimum of visual clutter. Eliminating the toilet cistern from view is a relatively simple way to help achieve this clean-lined look. The cistern is usually concealed behind … Continue reading

Maximise your apartment’s space through smart design

Many older style apartments in Sydney suffer from poor design – reflected in a lack of decent storage and poor functional flow. Increasingly I help apartment dwellers make much more out of their space by completing a design overhaul with … Continue reading