An iPad in the kitchen may become your most useful tool

There’s one room in your home where an iPad really comes into its own: the kitchen.

With an iPad stand or attachment to position it on the fridge or at eye level below cabinets (for example), you have access to the wonderful world of apps, there at your fingertips.

Faster than leafing through your recipe books, you can easily summon a recipe on a host of fantastic cooking websites.

Many feature recipe reviews (so you can decide if it’s the one you want to go with), printable shopping lists and video instructions so you can learn how to do those tricky things you see celebrity chefs on TV master with ease.

You can even use Skype on an iPad so you can enjoy a conversation with friends or family while you’re cooking the evening meal.

How about using it to play music, videos or news clips?

You can even use it to display a great screensaver such as an aquarium – so you get the soothing images without ever having to clean out a fish tank!

If like me you find the internet has become indispensable to the way you live, I can thoroughly recommend including a place for your iPad in your kitchen.

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iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries.

By Dean Welsh 

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