Bathroom Renovation Blunders to Avoid

Take a good look at your bathroom. Go on. Scan the layout and fixtures. Check if the faucet and shower are properly working. Examine the tiles and shower screens for chips, stains or moulds. It will only take you a few minutes or so to spot anything off, and decide if your space is in dire need of a makeover.

A bathroom renovation, no matter the scale, is an excellent way of restoring your private sanctuary’s beauty and integrity. It can also bring back the calm it once exuded. But however exciting the prospect of upgrading a bathroom is, not all renovation jobs can produce the space you’ve always wanted. Bathroom renovations involve a complex series of tasks, and things can easily go wrong if you don’t have the right information and the right people for the job.

If you want to ensure a successful bathroom makeover, be sure to avoid falling into these common renovation pitfalls:

Being too trendy

There’s nothing wrong with following the latest bath trends, as they actually give property owners inspiration for their own spaces. But it’s important to consider that what’s in vogue today may easily go passé within five years. Just look at the fate of pink tiles in the 50s and avocado green bathtubs and sinks in the 70s. Instead of going for the latest fads, choose materials, fixtures and designs that exude functional and timeless elegance—something that works well with your lifestyle and you will still appreciate as your family grows.

Having improperly installed fixtures

From electrical outlets and mirrors to cabinets and wall sconces, an improperly installed fixture is a definite no-no when renovating. Mixing breakables, electrical items and water together in a small space is already a risky business; more so if you don’t put careful attention into the proper installation of bath fixtures. The safest bet is to seek professional help and work with experienced contractors who can help you put together your dream space safely and efficiently.

Picking the wrong materials

Similar to kitchen renovations, a common mistake in remodelling a bathroom is choosing materials without taking water exposure, cleaning, and drastic temperature changes into account. Remember that a bathroom often gets exposed to harsh cleaners, and can easily go from hot and steamy to cold and wet. All these can be tough on materials like natural stone, wood, textiles and other fibre-based products, leading to major damage. That’s why it’s important to be cautious in choosing products and materials, and consider only those that are specifically designed for bath use.

Neglecting the layout

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the fun aspects of renovation, such as choosing the colour palette, materials and fixtures, and forget what a bathroom is really all about: function. Expert designers know this, that’s why the logical layout of a space is considered first before anything else. They can help you measure distances and clearances accurately so your space flows well. You don’t want to have a space that appears luxurious from afar, but actually have a toilet that faces the door or cabinets that knock off other surfaces.

Going for safe yet boring design choices

Daunted by the numerous bath renovation design options, some home owners settle for something safe and off-the-shelf. While there’s nothing wrong with going for tried-and-tested renovation designs and ideas, this can lead to a wasted opportunity for self-expression. If you feel lost among the seemingly unlimited bath design choices, you can always use the services of an expert designer who can simplify things for you. Communicate your vision to your designer so you can have a space that’s customised to your needs and taste.

A bathroom renovation can transform your space from dingy to dazzling—but only if done well and by the right people. So avoid all the hassle and costly renovation blunders by working with one of the best bathroom designers in Sydney, Dean Welsh.

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