Bring to life those ‘dead spaces’ in your kitchen design

If you have a kitchen that hasn’t had the benefit of a designer’s input, chances are you have some dead spaces on your hands that contribute nothing to its functionality.

A classic area is under the kitchen sink. There you will most likely find a cupboard with space taken up by the actual sink as well as taps, hoses and electrical cords if there is a dishwasher installed nearby.

It can be hard to make effective use of this oddly shaped cavity, but there are ways to use it better.

In a kitchen design I created for a Sydney client recently, I included some custom designed internal, pull out racks that catered exactly to the dimensions of products she wished to store there. Cleaning products, dishwasher detergent, scourers and more are now stored neatly and accessibly under the sink – with the benefit of every inch now being used effectively.

The racks fit around the sink outlet and dishwasher hoses so there is no empty space.

Small things such as this can be particularly important if space is a premium and you have lots of things to store.

As my client said to me following completion of her kitchen renovation, “It’s the many small thoughtful details that have gone into my kitchen design bring a lot of pleasure each day.”

Perhaps you have areas in your kitchen that are not pulling their weight?

The experience and insight that a specialist kitchen designer brings to your project is a good way to banish the dead zones and bring your dream kitchen to life.

By Dean Welsh

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