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Small Bathroom Design

At 850mm x 2700mm this was one of the smallest bathrooms I have worked on. Given the restriction in overall space I opted for a wall hung toilet up one end, a frame less shower at the other and in … Continue reading

Going Traditional? Staple Elements for a Timeless Bathroom Design

Are you aiming for a timeless bathroom style? Certain bathrooms, even if they were made decades before, still look as fresh as if they were built 3 months ago. There’s a reason for this and expert bathroom designers like Dean … Continue reading

Can you do without a bath?

Hands up if you have a bathroom with a bathtub that’s rarely, if ever, used? If so, you’re not alone. As people become increasingly time-poor, unfortunately the days of enjoying a long soak in the bathtub seem something of a … Continue reading

Concealed cisterns give bathrooms a clean-lined look

Many modern bathrooms I design these days are pared-back in style, with a minimum of visual clutter. Eliminating the toilet cistern from view is a relatively simple way to help achieve this clean-lined look. The cistern is usually concealed behind … Continue reading

Large tiles in bathrooms are big on the wow factor

Fundamental changes in the way modern bathrooms are designed have opened the door to exciting new options in fixtures and fittings. An example is the trend towards large tiles, available in marble, ceramic and porcelain. In the past, most bathrooms … Continue reading

The benefit of good design compared with something ‘off the shelf’

Anyone who has ever picked up a home renovation magazine will know that there is no shortage of companies that can sell you a new kitchen or bathroom. It’s just a matter of phoning and someone will be out, tape … Continue reading