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Hampton Traditional Kitchen Design

I was going through some photos of recent projects and realised I hadn’t shared the beautiful hand painted, Hampton style kitchen. The important thing you need to know about traditional kitchens is that if you want to be a purest … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliances

When you discuss your plans with your luxury kitchen designer and finalise the materials and finishes your kitchen will require, there’s one more thing to consider: kitchen appliances.

Working with a Professional Kitchen Designer

  During the week I had the pleasure of meeting a client who had asked me to have a look at their kitchen renovation. Another client of mine had referred them. What had happened is that they had seen another … Continue reading

Going Traditional? Staple Elements for a Timeless Bathroom Design

Are you aiming for a timeless bathroom style? Certain bathrooms, even if they were made decades before, still look as fresh as if they were built 3 months ago. There’s a reason for this and expert bathroom designers like Dean … Continue reading

Dark and dramatic shades could be ideal for your kitchen

White and light shades are popular choices for custom kitchens due to their crisp airy feel, but using darker colours can also bring style and elegance to your cooking space. Whether it’s warm chocolate shades, soft charcoal tones or a … Continue reading

Alternative to Glass Splash backs

Today there are many alternatives to a glass splash back for your kitchen. Let us start with using a natural stone splash back, which offers the ability to book match the veined pattern from the bench top to the splash … Continue reading

No handle kitchens create a sleek and streamlined look

Kitchen renovators who love a modern, clean-lined style find the Blum SERVO DRIVE a great option for their kitchen cabinetry. Because it enables drawers to open with just a single light touch, you can do away with handles, giving your … Continue reading

An iPad in the kitchen may become your most useful tool

There’s one room in your home where an iPad really comes into its own: the kitchen. With an iPad stand or attachment to position it on the fridge or at eye level below cabinets (for example), you have access to … Continue reading

Cool and sexy laminates: who’d have thought?

Mention the word, ‘laminate’ to many people and they’ll wrinkle their nose in disdain. Conjuring up the idea of kitchens from oh, maybe the 70s or the 80s, many think laminates are something long consigned to the Museum of Questionable … Continue reading

Bring to life those ‘dead spaces’ in your kitchen design

If you have a kitchen that hasn’t had the benefit of a designer’s input, chances are you have some dead spaces on your hands that contribute nothing to its functionality. A classic area is under the kitchen sink. There you … Continue reading