Concealed cisterns give bathrooms a clean-lined look

Many modern bathrooms I design these days are pared-back in style, with a minimum of visual clutter.

Eliminating the toilet cistern from view is a relatively simple way to help achieve this clean-lined look.

The cistern is usually concealed behind the wall or in the roof space. The best choice will depend on the particular layout of your bathroom, its position in your home, and how the space integrates with other areas.

Modern Bathroom Designs

Installing a concealed cistern toilet is a great way to make a bathroom appear larger.

It also can contribute to noise reduction as the flush mechanism is insulated within a wall or ceiling cavity.

Many concealed cistern toilets are also wall hung, which creates an attractive, floating effect.

By removing the cistern from view – and eliminating the pedestal in the case of a wall-hung toilet – the task of cleaning is also greatly simplified. There are fewer surfaces to clean, and access for cleaning underneath and around the toilet is significantly improved.

A further advantage of a wall hung toilet over a standard pedestal toilet is that you can position its height as you wish. This lets you customise the bathroom to match the needs of the people who will use it – from young children, to tall people, to those who may have mobility issues, as examples.

My bathroom design portfolio features a wide range of bathrooms that have delighted their owners, and created a real sanctuary from the everyday.

By staying up to date with the latest trends in bathroom design, bathroom fixtures and fittings I can help you come up with a fresh and inspired concept for your bathroom renovation. Contact me today to learn more about my specialised bathroom design service for homes throughout Sydney.


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