Dark and dramatic shades could be ideal for your kitchen

White and light shades are popular choices for custom kitchens due to their crisp airy feel, but using darker colours can also bring style and elegance to your cooking space. Whether it’s warm chocolate shades, soft charcoal tones or a crisp black and white colour scheme, deeper colours are an effective way to add texture, contrast and a sense of opulence to your interiors. Often a dark splashback or granite counter top is all that’s needed to create a dramatic focal point. Other custom kitchens look fantastic with a strong colour throughout the room.

You may be concerned that darker colours may make the room seem smaller, as they’re known to absorb more light. With design and planning from the best kitchen designers in Sydney this needn’t be a concern. Using dark shades appropriately can actually enhance a room’s features, enable your kitchen to function beautifully with natural light throughout the day and set the mood perfectly at night. With the right lighting and colour choices a dark kitchen makes an ideal entertaining space with a luxe look and feel. Darker shades don’t need to be confined to modern designs either; even more traditional spaces can benefit from a splash of grey or black to set off an elegant design.

Colour should never be chosen based on fads or trends. Instead, I design for what works best for your kitchen’s specific space, lighting and flow. With an experienced eye and custom design from one of the premium kitchen designers in Sydney, your kitchen will be distinctive, functional and an ideal entertaining space.

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