Going Traditional? Staple Elements for a Timeless Bathroom Design

Are you aiming for a timeless bathroom style? Certain bathrooms, even if they were made decades before, still look as fresh as if they were built 3 months ago. There’s a reason for this and expert bathroom designers like Dean Welsh, incorporate these elements in their work, especially if it’s the style the client is aiming for.

Defining Timelessness

A timeless look veers from fads and trends. It goes for classic elements while prioritising function and avoiding blandness. There is no such thing as opulent, avant-garde or ornate if a classic appeal is aimed for. In fact, these things are avoided so the design stands by itself. For an enduring design, careful attention to the details, layout and fixtures is prioritised.

How to Achieve the Look

If an ageless appeal is something you fancy, there are several staple elements you can incorporate to achieve this. Here are some you might like to keep in mind when doing bathroom renovations.

1.    Incorporate Dark Wood Elements

Incorporating dark wood tones like espresso and walnut provides genuine warmth along with great contrast, especially when coupled with lighter colours. A classic style is bringing antique console tables to serve as the vanity space. These can be custom made according to your taste and preference.

2.    Add Layers of Beautiful White

No other colour brings in freshness and classic appeal than white. It goes well with almost all other shades. When chosen as the primary colour of a space, it can easily extend a room’s beauty far beyond its intended years. White also has the capacity to exude cleanliness and charm while instantly creating a relaxing atmosphere.

3.    Muted or Neutral Colours

Another classic element to consider when renovating a bath space is the use of neutral or muted colours. If white is too stark for your taste, using a neutral palette is an ideal alternative. Water colours like eggshell blue, light turquoise or shades of cream and beige create an intimate and refreshing feel. Darker colours like lavender, even greys, can be toned down as well to achieve a muted look.

4.    Think of Vintage Sinks and Baths

If you look at traditional bathrooms, you’d notice that they typically involve lines or curves, various vintage items and details. Pedestal sinks in crisp white were often a favourite, along with freestanding or club foot bathtubs and exposed stainless steel pipes. Fixtures such as chrome as well as nickel create a timeless elegance as well.

5.    Marbles and Tiles

Marble as a choice for floors, walls and even countertops can also infuse your space with a classic touch. It’s been used for centuries and is very easy to clean. Limestone is a close alternative, along with modern ceramics.
Designing a classic space will include elements that stay fresh and beautiful throughout the ages. These elements aren’t just limited to bathrooms, but also ideal for kitchen renovations and designing interior spaces. From the right flooring, cabinetry, layout and finishes, each part is given proper attention and is well-thought out to last for years to come.

Having a basic idea of what you like is ideal when renovating any space in your home. And with the help of a professional, you can bring these ideas to life.
In Sydney, Dean Welsh, is the person to talk to. An expert in designing and crafting bathrooms, kitchens and interiors, he works with you to incorporate your ideas and his expertise to conjure up a space you will be happy with. Contact Dean today and bring your dream bathroom, kitchen or interior space to life.

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