Hampton Traditional Kitchen Design

I was going through some photos of recent projects and realised I hadn’t shared the beautiful hand painted, Hampton style kitchen.

The important thing you need to know about traditional kitchens is that if you want to be a purest then it should be hand painted. You may ask what is hand painted, well there are several ways creating this unique finish, it can be a fine brush stroke, or a two colour finish with a rag rub. There are lots of options but the important finish detail is that this is an acrylic paint finish, not sprayed, not polyurethane. This means a door that can be touched up or repaired on site if you scratch it.

This traditional kitchen featured a fine white brush stroke finish, with a dark black stain timber island. It also encompassed an island with a Carrara marble bench top which has a 10mm lower section in the middle of the bench. This was supplied by Casa Marble who did a great job with this design request.

Personally I really like the cross bar glass doors. This was something that I saw used effectively on another item of furniture. The other characteristic which makes the whole kitchen look more authentic is the face frame detail. This makes the kitchen look like it has been built using traditional building methods.

I really enjoy working on the traditional kitchen designs, as it requires more thought and skill in the detail. If you are interested in renovating your kitchen space feel free to contact me today.

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