Making your spare bedroom multifunctional

Spare bedrooms can have a bad habit of becoming dumping grounds for anything that doesn’t have a proper ‘home’ elsewhere.

This is a great pity because with a bit of thought and clever planning, spare bedrooms can really shine.

For example, recently I was asked to design the fitout for an apartment’s second bedroom that was not being used as well as it could.

By designing custom joinery that featured a fold down bed as well as storage and a desk, my client was able to gain a room that could easily switch from being a guest bedroom, to an office, to a second living space.

This made a massive difference to the functionality of the apartment, as well as to my client’s sense of enjoyment of their home.

Key to the success of this project was taking the time to understand the specific storage needs required, so the custom joinery could be designed and made to match.

Quality custom joinery creates an elegant, seamless look, and is available in any type of style you can think of.

Talk to me about my design services for Sydney homes and apartments, which include custom joinery, and kitchen, bathroom and living room design services.


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