Maximise your apartment’s space through smart design

Many older style apartments in Sydney suffer from poor design – reflected in a lack of decent storage and poor functional flow.

Increasingly I help apartment dwellers make much more out of their space by completing a design overhaul with them. Sometimes they just want to a kitchen or bathroom makeover, and in other cases, they want a complete update of their apartment.

There are plenty of new and exciting options I can incorporate to make an apartment seem bigger than it is.

Custom Apartment Design

This can include relatively large changes such as removing non-weight bearing walls to improve flow and open up smaller rooms. Another way to improve the functionality of your apartment is through custom joinery. Custom joinery is great looking, and creates clever storage space to keep your apartment neat and clutter-free.

An example is a two-bedroom apartment where I designed custom joinery wardrobes either side of a window, with a dresser style cabinet built below the window. The new furniture frames the window beautifully, and makes use of a wall not typically used for storage. In doing so, it’s injected more flexibility about how the room can be arranged, and has created a sleeker, more streamlined space. It’s also made the wall with the window into a real feature.

I like to challenge conventional thinking about apartment layout. Many times, there are different ways to do things that will create an outstanding result.

Talk to me about my apartment fitout services that will give your apartment a fantastic new look, and dramatically improve its functionality. Contact me today to learn more about my apartment makeover services.



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