Good design enhances the way you live, now and in the future

Dean believes that tailoring the design of your kitchen, bathroom or interior to get precisely what you want is a smart and worthy investment.

He helps you achieve this by designing a visually appealing and highly functional space that is harmonious with how you like to live.

“When I work with my kitchen, bathroom and interior design clients throughout Sydney, a lot of collaboration and great ideas come into play,” says Dean. “I like to make suggestions about how I can imagine the space coming to life – and many times we are able to come up with an approach that’s much better than what they originally conceived.”

Dean’s philosophy is that it is vital to begin by gaining a complete understanding of the purpose of the space and how it will be used. “This forms the basis for the initial bathroom, interior or kitchen design, integrating every important feature in a logical way and making it comfortable and efficient to live in.”

And his clients are enthusiastic about the approach Dean takes. Says Anne Phillips of Sydney:

“It is so easy for the client to say, ‘I want the Wow factor’, but with no idea how to achieve it. That was me! But Dean has helped transfer words into results. Dean was the third designer with whom I discussed the renovation of my kitchen and other design work in my apartment. I was won over the minute he started measuring the spaces involved. Dean left that first meeting with a full understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the building structure. He had listened to what I had to say, understood how I lived my life and how I lived in my space. The designs enveloped all these factors and enhanced them and nothing was promised that could not be delivered. The end result is my vision realised and not Dean’s vision visited on me. It has been a most enjoyable collaboration that I encourage others to experience.”

Dean has wide-ranging knowledge of the latest and very best in finishes for kitchen, bathroom and interior renovations, acquired by regularly attending design shows held throughout the world as well as through many years of practical experience. He draws on this to suggest finishes and fixtures that will build the space’s aesthetic appeal.

Dean is knowledgeable about environmentally-friendly design principles and materials too. These can be readily incorporated into the full range of projects he designs.

“A smart and beautifully designed kitchen, bathroom or interior renovation adds a lot of value to your home,” says Dean. “It is also easy to live in and use, and brings long-lasting pleasure.”

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