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Many homeowners feel bewildered at the idea of kitchen renovations, with gathering design ideas and concepts through to the construction it takes tremendous effort, time and most importantly a lot of money!!

If you are tight on a budget, kitchen renovations in Strathfield by Dean Welsh can help you get started with a budget-friendly remodelling project. Each project is unique with the fixes required, quirks and features which define the budget options. We share with our clients a breakdown of the kitchen remodelling costs and set budget benchmarks to suit different budgets. Apart from that, we offer tips to save on kitchen renovations and restoration costs.

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, many people are lost at where to start and how. Dean Welsh and his expertise will help you remodel your kitchen to a newly upgraded model answering every question that pops up in your mind before you decide to get into the renovation process. Some of the major factors or questions which every homeowner needs an answer to include:

  • What would be the approximate cost of my kitchen renovations?
  • Can I save money on the kitchen remodelling?
  • Is renovating the kitchen a good investment?
  • How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?
  • Which is the latest trendy kitchen designs and will it suit my family’s needs?

Renovation of the kitchen to suit your lifestyle

Dean Welsh is a one-stop solution to remodel your kitchen in your way within your budget. It offers answers to every doubt lingering in your mind before you decide to indulge in some renovating work for your kitchen. Dean Welsh takes care of everything from designing to final implementation of a newly upgraded elegant kitchen turning your dreams into reality.

The kitchen is the heart of every home and it needs to be customised to your lifestyle. A kitchen needs to cater to your living style. Dean Welsh kitchen renovations in Strathfield takes the ideas and creates a perfect kitchen customised to your needs in the most nominal packages.

Budget saving tips

Splurging money on a luxurious kitchen remodelling project can cost a lot for some homeowners but not all are in a position to be splurging for high-end updates for their kitchen. Putting your kitchen remodelling services on a limited budget does not mean sacrificing your style and dreams. The remodelling kitchen project budget depends on various factors. These include:

  • The work to be handled by the contractor.
  • The materials you choose for the kitchen.
  • The size of the kitchen.
  • The number of kitchen updates you want to make.

While Renovating kitchens you can save a lot of money by following these tips:

  • Instead of a full countertop upgrade you can add corbel or bed board fencing on the countertops.
  • The backsplash can be temporarily fixed.
  • The cabinets are embellished with the trimming of wood to make them look high end.

These simple effective tips can bring down the budget of your kitchen renovations in Strathfield.

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