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Dean Welsh is the leader in Kitchen renovations. We are known for expert planning and cost-effective services. We strive to design the best kitchen renovations for our esteemed clients and patrons. We are a one-stop total home designer centre. The years of experience and professional expertise make us renowned kitchen and bathroom renovators. We understand that Kitchen renovations must be ensured to increase the functional value of the kitchen and make it more accessible. Kitchen renovations is not just about glorifying the tiles of the kitchen and having shiny new cabinets. Kitchen renovations should be done with systematic planning so that it becomes easy to work in the kitchen.

Following are things we consider before commencing your kitchen renovations in the Willoughby area:

1. Budget: Dean Welsh makes sure to get a clear idea of your budget while planning a kitchen renovation. A realistic budget accommodating all the important points of focus is necessary for efficiently planning kitchen renovations. We can also discuss and work out a tentative budget while planning a kitchen renovation. An approx. budget helps us to stay grounded and efficiently derive a blueprint for your kitchen renovation.

2. Expectations: A clear brief with regards to expectations and your requisites is discussed with you in detail before drafting the plan of action for your kitchen renovation. Our team of experts makes sure to understand all your requisites in details and give their expert opinion to come up with a flawless kitchen renovation plan. Dean Welsh is one of the leading kitchen renovation service providers in Willoughby.

3. Change in Layout: You can take the expert opinions of our designers to decide whether to change the existing kitchen layout or keep it the same. Changing an existing layout will elevate the look of your kitchen and gives it a distinct appearance. Dean Welsh are the expert planners, we are popular for our optimum space utilisation and smart planning. We make sure your kitchen is highly functional, modern and sleek as well. We avoid stuffing too many elements into the kitchen.

4. Size of Appliances: There are many kinds of kitchen appliances available in the market from tiny to gigantic. We suggest you choose your appliances based on your kitchen planning and layout. We are ideal for all kinds of kitchen renovations in Willoughby. We provide professional services irrespective of the size of the kitchen.

5. Fresh and Vibrant Look: At Dean Welsh, we believe a kitchen should be bright and attract positivity. Therefore, adding a few layers of light to your kitchen with a tint of fresh colour, glass-front cabinets, contemporary glassware display, fancy windows etc. is recommended to give your kitchen a rejuvenated feel.

At Dean Welsh, even the minutest things are given utmost importance. We choose the right combination of kitchen fittings and fixtures to add more value to your kitchen and give it the desired feel. We are known for our matchless finesse and timely completion of all our projects.

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