Large tiles in bathrooms are big on the wow factor

Fundamental changes in the way modern bathrooms are designed have opened the door to exciting new options in fixtures and fittings.

An example is the trend towards large tiles, available in marble, ceramic and porcelain.

In the past, most bathrooms had a central waste, along with another in the middle of the shower. This meant it was easier to tile using smaller floor tiles which could be placed to fit around the waste.

Waste grates are often now lineal grates, sometimes placed at the edge of a shower for example. With the gradient of the flooring made to fall towards the grate, large floor tiles (sometimes 500mm X 500mm) can be used for bathroom flooring as they can easily line up with the strip waste.

To maintain the sense of scale, large wall tiles and full mirrored walls are also used in many luxury bathrooms.

With less joins, bathrooms featuring large tiles have cleaner lines. They are also easier to maintain and keep looking like new, as minimal grouting is involved.

Large tiles give a sense of opulence and calm, helping to make a bathroom a real sanctuary.

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and want to make sure it is visually stunning as well as highly functional, contact me. I’ve designed many beautiful bathrooms throughout Sydney and I would be pleased to help you with your bathroom renovation.

By Dean Welsh 

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