Tricks for Maximising Space in Your Small Bathroom

If there’s one thing more frustrating than having a filthy bathroom, it’s having a small and cramped one. As much as we’d like to make our apartment’s bath and dressing area more spacious and luxurious, adding square footage isn’t always a viable option. Fortunately, all hope is not lost.

With clever planning and a few design tricks, making your bathroom look and feel larger is possible. Here’s how.

          1.      Use soft colour schemes

Sometimes a simple coat of paint is all it takes to add visual square inches in your bathroom. Consider repainting the room with a soft and pale colour palette, like whites, pastels and other neutral colours. That doesn’t mean the room has to look all dull and drab, though. With the help of expert bathroom designers in Sydney, you can still make your bathroom interesting. Your designer can help you pick accents and accessories to add pops of colour in your space.

           2.      Switch to wall-mounted fixtures

Another way to create a seamless look in your small space is using wall-mounted fixtures—from cabinets and vanities, to sinks and toilets with concealed cisterns. Each of these minimise visual clutter and make cleaning easier. Wall-hung fixtures also add accessible storage space underneath them. You can tuck a trash bin, for example, under your wall-mounted vanity.

           3.      Trade your shower curtains for clear glass shower doors

Shower curtains, especially fabric and patterned ones, tend to make bathrooms look smaller than they already are. To give the appearance of a bigger space, get rid of shower curtains and replace them with glass shower doors. It will make showering a little less claustrophobic and allow natural light to come in. They’re much easier to clean too.

           4.      Ditch the bathtub

Be honest. Do you regularly enjoy a warm, soothing soak in your tub? Or has it been untouched for so long that it has become more of a decorative fixture? If your answer leans more towards the latter, then you might want to consider removing the tub entirely and instead installing a luxury shower. Many home and apartment owners have used this approach in their bathroom renovations in Sydney as it frees up space and creates a more streamlined look and feel.

            5.      Reposition your door

The type of door you use can also affect the amount of space you have. For instance, doors that swing inside the room are notorious for taking up space. To remedy this, you can reposition your door so that it swings outwards. Another option would be to install a glass or timber pocket (sliding) door. Not only does it help you reclaim space, it also adds a touch of elegance to your home.

            6.      Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors

Mirrors can also give an illusion of a bigger, grander area. They reflect the light in the room, as well as colours and patterns. To ensure you tap their full design potential, it’s wise to install one that reaches up to the ceiling. Tall mirrors expand the ceiling and exude an extravagant feel. You can also opt for a collection of artistically arranged mirrors instead of having one, tall mirror.

Although maximising bathroom space can be challenging, it’s certainly possible. Dean Welsh, one of the most talented designers in Sydney, can assist you in creating a sanctuary out of your small bathroom. Dean can also lend his expertise in designing stylish, custom kitchens in Sydney. Get in touch today to learn more.

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